‘The Light of Hope’: Music Video Urges People to Reject the ‘Poison of Communism’

March 5, 2021 Updated: March 12, 2021

The music video “The Light of Hope,” produced by a London-based Indie band, is a shining spark of hope amid the chaotic despair spread by the “poison of communism.”

The song’s thought-provoking lyrics and gripping visuals based on significant events of modern-day history hint at the concluding battle between good and evil and the impending death of communism.

The musician couple and founders of The Temporary Residents, Yulia and Patrick, shared with The Epoch Times how they believe that the world would soon emerge strong and triumphant from the upheaval caused by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) hideous infiltration across the world.

“The CCP virus gave the world an opportunity to see how the communist regime behaves,” Patrick said.

“The world is in chaos. It is disturbing to witness how the Chinese Communist Party has lied and covered up about the virus outbreak, and what followed after that is a never-ending nightmare,” Yulia added. “There is so much happening… The whole social system seems to be collapsing and people are losing their livelihoods.

“Reject the CCP because it is time to do the right thing. Don’t lose your faith in God, faith in goodness and kind people,” she said.

Epoch Times Photo
Patrick and Yulia, the founders of the Indie-band, The Temporary Residents. (Courtesy of The Temporary Residents)

‘The Battle With the Evil is Unfolding’

The nearly 5-minute-long song delves into how history is turning right before our eyes while the hard-hitting visuals reveal the concluding battle between the conscientious, informed people and the anti-humanity forces.

Yulia believes that in the current times the “evil nature,” the bad side, is clearly evident and manifests ever so strongly. She said: “People kill, pay someone to kill, are gender-confused, lost in lust. People rely on drugs to make themselves feel numbed. It is sad… very sad. The world is upside down right now. Everything that is supposed to be right is considered wrong.

“Put the television on, and what do you see? Crime, sex, violence, drugs … and the children are watching it too. The CCP keeps on pushing the most awful and dirty things into societies.

“The media is being corrupt to such an extreme that is just unbelievable. The governments are not serving their people. Whereas people who are trying to tell the truth, trying to step up against this suppression and are fighting for the freedom of speech are being squashed like insects,” she said. “This is harming the world.”

Epoch Times Photo
Yulia, the lead singer and co-founder of the Indie-band, The Temporary Residents. (Courtesy of The Temporary Residents)

Patrick added that in this world full of mayhem “lies are spread so hard” until they are accepted as indisputable facts in people’s consciousnesses. “It’s important to be aware. In some ways, the most dangerous battles are fought in the mind,” he said.

Yulia said that “the people, who do not realize this and who keep on selling their freedom for the fake sense of security that they are constantly being promised, will one day realize that they have sold themselves, with no return.”

“That is what communism does. It uses people like ‘useful idiots’ and then it dispenses off them,” she said.

Epoch Times Photo
Patrick, the lead guitarist and co-founder of The Temporary Residents music band. (Courtesy of The Temporary Residents)

‘The CCP’s Death is in Front of You’

The Temporary Residents aim to expose the injustices around the world through their soulful music. By garnering inspiration from traditional values, and rejecting the postmodern ideology of struggle, their “music seeks to be honest and at times even expose falsehoods that are promoted widely.”

As a part of their mission, the team focuses on how the CCP has destroyed the glorious 5,000-year culture of China. Having been born in Kyrgyzstan, a region to the border west of China, Yulia feels close to the Chinese culture. However, Yulia said she got an in-depth understanding of the distorted, anti-traditional nature of communism after she began studying its gross impacts on the Chinese people and culture.

She said the people in the West are attracted to buy inexpensive Chinese products without knowing or realizing that “’Made in China’ means forced labor.”

“China has something so magical about it… whatever is left from history is just astonishing,” she said. “But the CCP has destroyed the human spirit there. It is extremely sad to see that. China is the exact example of the rich getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. People [in China] are being paid such low wages they can hardly survive on, but they have no choice but to accept those wages because there is no other way. The CCP will only take but not give to the people.”

Yulia who has been to factories in China described the conditions as being “beyond extreme poverty,” with poor staff working and sleeping there while raising their children amid the dirt, toxic chemicals, and rubbish.

“Those are the same factories where the luxury brands are being produced,” she said. “And those luxury brands are the same ones who are preaching others about them caring for human rights and for the environment. Unfortunately, that is all for the show! When you see it with your own eyes you will start to think very differently about all these big names and what they are preaching to the world.”

Unfortunately, the Chinese regime looks at this exploitative system not as a human rights abuse but as a way to reform prisoners of faith through forced labor. The victims are mostly spiritual adherents: Uyghur Muslims, Falun Gong practitioners, Tibetan Buddhists, Christians.

Epoch Times Photo
A flyer about rejecting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). (Ilene Eng/The Epoch Times)

In the recent past, some prisoners have been successful in smuggling out alert messages to expose the atrocities being committed in Chinese labor camps and prisons. Several people in the United States have reported finding SOS messages in their “Made in China” products; the messages often describe the cruel, inhumane conditions prisoners work in to make products for the global market.

The couple said that the world is gradually becoming aware of the crimes against humanity in China; the CCP is “slowly collapsing like an old crippled being.”

“Though people are being deceived through media propaganda that China is prospering, it’s the opposite,” Yulia said. “The Soviet system collapsed by everyone’s surprise. So will the Chinese Communist Party.”

Reject Communism and Socialism

Since its release, “The Light of Hope” has been distributed worldwide and has gained positive response and feedback. Yulia and Patrick urge people to educate themselves about the deceit and lies of communism and reject the “communist specter” for what it is.

A phenomenal movement to “Quit the Chinese Communist Party” was started in 2004. As of today, over 370 million Chinese people have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and  740,000 people have signed the petition to end the CCP.

Patrick said people quit the party to “spiritually disconnect themselves from all the hideous crimes committed by the CCP.” He said the movement has now gone international and is asking non-Chinese to reject the CCP. “The reason for this is because the CCP is currently trying to take over the world,” he said.

Epoch Times Photo
Falun Gong practitioners hold a banner in support of the 330 million Chinese who have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party during a parade in Washington on July 18, 2019. (Mark Zou/The Epoch Times)

The couple said many people believe that communism is an old concept and doesn’t really exist or affect them in any way. They stressed how the communist regimes gain authority by force, even if it has to “murder millions of people” while in western countries this is done under the guise of socialism, which takes “decades to subvert a nation from within.”

Patrick said:  “Many Westerners have been duped by socialism. They don’t realize that it states in Marx’s doctrine that socialism is the stepping stone to communism.”

“When the subversion process has been completed people will give themselves out of the free will. That is what we see today,” Yulia said. “The founders of communism knew exactly how to manipulate the good people who would never accept communism.

“They manipulated those good people, with good hearts, who want to do the right thing through socialism. Socialism uses human psychology and manipulation of the goodwill of people. That is the best way to get people to do the worst thing by making them think they are doing good things.”

Urging others to make an informed choice to protect their freedom, the couple asked people to “reject communism and socialism.”

“There are many good people who reject this poison of communism that is taking humanity downhill straight into hell. Justice will prevail, it always will! It is only a matter of time,” Yulia concluded.

Arshdeep Sarao contributed to this report.