The Gentle Barn Aims to Help Children and Animals Alike

May 26, 2010 Updated: October 1, 2015

The Gentle Barn aims to help children and animals alike. (The Gentle Barn)
The Gentle Barn aims to help children and animals alike. (The Gentle Barn)
The Gentle Barn was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show Tuesday, giving some exposure to the farm and charitable organization known for helping abused animals and at-risk children.

Ellen DeGeneres brought one of The Gentle Barn founders, Ellie Laks, on to her show at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California, to discuss the mission of the farm and to share with the millions of viewers who regularly tune into her daytime talk show her appreciation toward the organization.

“It’s an amazing sanctuary where abused and neglected animals get a second chance at life,” said Ellen on her show.

The Gentle Barn houses a multitude of animals, including sheep, goats, cows, horses, as well as llamas, turkeys, cats and dogs, in need of a humane shelter after being rescued from abuse by past owners. It also takes in animals whose owners change their mind about slaughtering them for food.

There are currently 120 animals on the farm. These animals are given good treatment, and receive medical attention, nutritional supplements, and high quality feed.

The Gentle Barn has offers programs for at-risk youth from inner-city regions.

"Incorporating the simple concepts of kindness and respect into their lives, and teaching the children to respect and protect even the smallest and weakest among us, will help them value themselves and one another," wrote The Gentle Barn on its website.

The Gentle Barn is supported by donations to The Gentle Barn Foundation, which is an accredited non-profit organization. More information on the project or the farm can be found at