The Consummate Traveler –Hot Travel Tips for Even Hotter Destinations

April 9, 2015 Updated: April 9, 2015

After the brutally cold winter we have had here in the New York area, my upcoming three week business trip to India sounds really good. In fact, I am planning to venture past Mumbai this time and spend my first weekend in Jaipur, Rajasthan. My goal is to ride elephants and explore the incredibly beautiful architecture of the Pink City. However, when I took a look at the expected weather I will be facing during my fully outdoor weekend, I had to gasp.

The average temperatures will be approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) each day. As someone who does not handle extreme heat very well, I have had to carefully think about what to pack in order to both endure and enjoy my exotic Indian adventure. I have come across some helpful tips which I would love to share with you. Here are my top three:

2. Dress like a local – Don’t even think about packing anything other than cotton or linen when visiting
a warm destination. In India, the women and men are often draped in gorgeously colorful yet loose fitting natural fabrics. For women it is either in the form of a Kurti (long tunic shirt) over a pair of long pants or a sari. Men will also wear a long Kurta over pants. This is not the time for the typical tourist garb of shorts and a T-shirt. You need to ensure both sun protection and breathability for your skin. Thankfully, you can find a nice assortment of these traditional Indian clothes on AMAZON.COM at reasonable prices ranging from $18 to $30 USD.

3. Get insulated tote bags – For those who are not accustomed to walking all day in the baking sun,
which I can assume is most of us sun deprived business folk; it can be extremely easy to get dehydrated or worse. One of my must pack items is a lightweight insulated tote bag that will keep your beverages or snacks cool for hours. The popular cook Rachel Ray makes a nice thermal tote bag for under $20 USD, also available at AMAZON.COM.

4. Bring your umbrella – As someone who prefers not to put sunscreen on my skin, a great alternative
is to bring along a UV protecting umbrella to use as a parasol while walking in the blazing heat of the day. Some reviews I read online indicated that the heat felt as though it was reduce by at least 10 degrees. Prices range from $35 to $100 USD depending on the size and brand. If you are a fashionista and want to stand out in the crowd, check out the website THEBRELLI.COM for their selection of sleek see-thru biodegradable parasols with 99% UV protection.

As always, I wish you the happiest of travels!

*Image of old ruined arch in ancient temple at sunset in India via Shutterstock