The Consummate Traveler: Fitness on the Road

March 27, 2014 Updated: March 27, 2014

Keeping active while on the road is a big challenge. This is especially so for those of us who travel for business and are stuck in conference rooms all day. No matter where we find ourselves in the world, doesn’t it seem there is always an obstacle preventing us from keeping up with our fitness goals?

Perhaps it is a jet lag issue, a tiny hotel gym with inadequate equipment, or jam-packed schedules that leave little room for personal time. I believe that having a plan to sneak in some physical activity is always a good idea, and I’d like to share a few thoughts on this subject.

My personal preference is to first visit the website YouTube. In my opinion, it is the best source for quick, effective workout ideas that can be done anywhere and anytime. Some of the videos I recommend include a darling 24-minute ballet barre routine (search the term ballet barre concepts), as well as a 15-minute intense full body workout from fitness guru Shaun T that was seen on the Dr. Oz show (search Shaun T, 15 minutes). There are literally thousands of other options available, so I encourage you to search around and put together a list of your favorites that you can rotate.

Another option is taking time during daylight hours (preferably lunchtime) for a quick walk. This is especially helpful to fight jet lag and boost energy levels for the afternoon. It is generally safer to be out in a foreign city alone at this time, particularly if you are a woman. I have found that walking around the block where your hotel or office building is located for 20–30 minutes is ideal.

If you are pressed for time, order lunch from your hotel room service menu in the morning and have them pack it to go. I have found that most hotels are willing to accommodate these types of requests. This will simplify your plans for lunch and allow you extra time to focus on your fitness, instead of wasting half an hour deciding where to eat.

As always, I wish you all the happiest (and the healthiest) of travels!