The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Are Free

May 6, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015
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Mother's Day 2012: Celebrating mothers across the US and beyond. (

If you ask my mom what is the best gift she could receive on Mother’s Day, she will say a heartfelt note, a warm conversation (even over the phone), or quality time together. My kids appreciate that kind of attention too.

Go for a Walk

Take a stroll in green surroundings—a park or along a trail. Shut off all distracting devices and spend that time being with each other. Those moments are most precious, and much can be gained from them at all ages.

Take Time to Cultivate Oneself

If you’re anything like me, time away from the kids can often nurture the spirit more than any fancy gifts. Sometimes a little down time is all moms need to recharge in order to give back to their families more fully.

Write a Personal Card
Chick Moorman, author of “Parent Talk” with over 40 years’ experience as an educator and parent, writes guidelines as to how to write the ultimate Mother’s Day card in April’s Uncommon Parenting Blog.

First, buy a blank card; don’t resort to a store inscribed one. The card makers do not know your mother.

Then he advises, “Stay away from evaluative comments such as super, fantastic, great, wonderful, inspirational, beautiful, awesome, kind, thoughtful, best, incredible, etc.”

Instead of these words that only judge, rate, rank, and evaluate, write at least three comments that describe behaviors she has done and tell her the effect of those behaviors on your life.

“This is where you recognize and affirm what she has done rather than evaluate what she has done,” Moorman writes.

Last, sign it with love and mail it on time—something he admitted to not accomplishing for his mother in her lifetime.

He does, however, write her a personal note in his blog and says: “I am sending this message to my mother today. I know she will receive it, and it will arrive on time.”

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