5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Taiwan (Video)

August 14, 2014 Updated: August 14, 2014

Let Ben Hedges, one of the most popular YouTube personalities in Taiwan (he’s British but speaks Chinese!), tell you his top 5 reasons to visit the beautiful island of, Taiwan.

1. Small but Big – this island that was once called Ila Formosa, the beautiful isle, seems to have everything and be able to accommodate any type of travel plan you could think of.
You can ascend above a sea of clouds, climbing one of Taiwan’s over 200 three thousand meter peaks yet also take the opportunity to relax in the blue ocean. You can experience superior service in Taiwan’s vibrant cities or experience the slower rhythms of life in Taiwan’s rustic villages. But what is most important all these places may not be as far away as you think and that is where the true magic of Taiwan lies.

2. Never Lost in Translation – breaking through the language barrier is also something to consider when traveling if you speak English you will have no problem communicating in Taiwan. Most young people speak English to good level.

3. Incredible Warm-hearted People – when you travel in Taiwan it is the people who make the experience what it is. Taiwanese people’s hospitality and passion in welcoming foreigners is famous across the globe. In Taiwan you never have to worry about getting lost.

4. Awesome Customizable Service – Taiwanese people are friendly and passionate and this characteristic is also expressed in their awesome customizable service.

5. Only in Taiwan. Unexpected Surprises – when you come to Taiwan you have to rember to use your mobile phone or other video recording devices, and shoot what you think is the most beautiful or the most interesting thing you see while you are here, up load them to youtube and you can take part in Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s. The 10 entries which receive the highest number of votes will be selected to win a round would ticked.