Thanksgiving Dinner: 10 Innovative Cranberry Sauce Recipes

November 28, 2013 Updated: March 12, 2018

It’s not Thanksgiving dinner without traditional cranberry sauce. Here is the list of the 10 best recipes from all over the internet.

1. ‘Trade Secret’ Sauce Extraordinaire

This recipe is full of fruits like orange, apple, and pear not to forget cranberries. It’s fast and easy to prepare and if there are any leftovers, you can turn the sauce into a tasty dessert too.

2. Classic Recipe: Chunky Cranberry Sauce

You need just three ingredients: apple juice, cranberries, and sugar. This rustic sauce is easy, healthy, and best of all, fast.

3. The Non-Jelly Cranberry Sauce

With the great taste of fresh whole cranberries this sauce you won’t have to babysit on the stove. Just put it in the oven with a cinnamon stick and you can fully focus on the literally much bigger parts of a T-day dinner.

4. Gingered Cranberry Fig Chutney

Here’s something for those who love a sauce that’s a little less sweet. This one combines elements of chutney and other delicately chosen ingredients like figs or fresh ginger.

5. Cranberries + Grapefruit = Bitter-Sweet Sauce

This easy cranberry sauce also makes a great gift to give in a jar. Discover the new bitter touch of grapefruit in your good-old sweet sauce.

6. Cranberry Sauce with Crunchy, Spiced Pumpkins Seeds

Roasted with cumin and paprika, spiced pumpkin seeds give this sauce a way new taste. Give it a try—it’s not hard to make.

7. Pear, Brandy, and Walnut Cranberry Sauce

Pear gives this sauce a fall-inspired sweetness; walnuts add a tasty crunch; and brown sugar with brandy offers a richness in flavor. This award-winning sauce is the definition of Thanksgiving delicacy.

8. Smooth Jellied Cranberry Sauce

Some like it chunky, some like it smooth. This recipe is for a smooth cranberry sauce with all of the jiggle you expect from your traditional Thanksgiving condiment. Before you let it set, pour the sauce through fine-mesh sieve and you’ll be rid of the skin and seeds.

9. Gluten-Free Wild Cranberry Sauce

Wild cranberries, apple juice, pears, and raisins with a touch a stevia instead of sugar make this sauce not just great, but also gluten-free.

10. No-Cook Cranberry Pecan Relish

If you are short of space on your stovetop, don´t worry. This sauce is made without cooking a thing.


*Image of cranberry sauce via Shutterstock