Texas Police Officer Runs Into a Burning Mobile Home and Saves an 8-Year-Old Boy

July 15, 2020 Updated: July 15, 2020

As flames erupted in a mobile home in Texas, a police officer ran into the burning building to save a family trapped inside, and it was all caught on camera.

As Cristobal Marin was driving on Monday to pick up feed for his horses in Socorro, a city in El Paso County, he saw a large plume of smoke. Marin told CNN he turned in the direction of the smoke, which was coming from a residential area, to see if he could help. When he arrived, he said an officer wearing a bulletproof vest and face mask was running out of the flames carrying a child.

A video Marin recorded shows Socorro police officer Joshua Gonzalez running toward the mobile home, where thick black smoke and flames were seen coming out of it.

Epoch Times Photo
Police officer Joshua Gonzalez saves a boy from a burning home then offers to buy him new football cleats. (Courtesy of Cristobal Marin)

“As I parked my patrol unit I could feel the heat coming from the residence,” Gonzalez told KVIA. “Once I made myself present to the people standing by, I asked them what was going on and they said somebody was inside the residence, that there were people in there … it was well within my heart and soul to run in and try and get these people out.”

The officer said that the door to the home was hot to the touch and when he entered he found two adults, one who was elderly, and an 8-year-old boy.

“The house was already full of smoke, I could barely breathe and I even advised them, ‘cover your mouths,’ to try to get out as soon as possible safely,” Gonzalez said. “From that point, I grabbed the child and I held him tight in my arms and I ran out with him and got him to the street where there was a couple of neighbors … to take care of him.”

Epoch Times Photo
Police officer Joshua Gonzalez running toward a burning mobile home in Socorro. (Courtesy of Cristobal Marin)

The other two adults inside the home were brought to safety, Gonzalez said, by an off-duty firefighter who was on the scene. The boy didn’t suffer any injuries, according to KVIA, but the elderly adult was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation.

“The Socorro Police would also like to recognize one of their own, Officer Joshua Gonzalez, who undertook a selfless act, when he entered one of the houses to remove a family that was still located inside,” Socorro Police Department said in a statement on Tuesday.

They also added that neighbors used their water hoses to help put the flames out until the fire department arrived.

“… thank you to the residents and emphasize that what we saw happen yesterday was an example of friends and neighbors helping one another under extreme circumstances,” the police statement said.

The rescued boy told Gonzalez on the scene that he was really sad his football cleats were lost in the fire, according to KVIA. The officer offered to buy him new ones.

CNN Wire contributed to this report.