Texas Parents Adopt 6 Siblings Together, Doubling the Size of Their Family in One Day

December 12, 2020 Updated: December 13, 2020

Typically, families grow by one member at a time—possibly two, in the event of twins. But one Alamo City, Texas, couple more than doubled the size of their family in just one day by adopting six children at once.

Parents to four biological children, Heather and Jamie Hejduk now have a family with 10 children. After fostering 16-month-old twin boys in August 2019, the couple soon discovered that the boys had siblings, and they knew they had to do something to keep the children together.

Initially, they had planned to help the twins and their siblings reunite with their parents. But when that turned out to be improbable, they decided on a different course.

Epoch Times Photo
Back row: Fritz, Elaine Bowie, Frank Bowie (Heather’s parents), Cameron, Ani, Adrian; Heather and Jamie in the middle; front row: Mayci, Nicholas, Joel (on Heather’s lap), Noah, Anthony (on Jamie’s lap), Elijah. (Courtesy of Heather Hejduk)

“The only way we could see them staying together is if we were the ones to do it,” Jamie told CBS.

So, they adopted all six children: 5-year-old Elijah, 4-year-old Mayci, 3-year-old Anthony, 2-year-old Nicholas, and the 16-month-old twin boys, Noah and Joel.

On Nov. 19, they finalized the adoption during a virtual ceremony with an attorney and state workers. Judge Charles Montemayor gave his official approval and congratulated them on the adoption.

“First of all, I want to tell you, thank you so much for opening your heart and your home to these beautiful, beautiful children,” Judge Montemayor told the parents.

Epoch Times Photo
Nicholas, Cameron, Adrian, Mayci, Fritz, with Noah on his shoulders, Jamie, Anthony, Heather, Elijah, Ani, and Joel (being held by Ani). (Courtesy of Heather Hejduk)

“I know it’s been a long journey for you, but it’s reaching a happy ending for you today. You may not have given birth to them, but you gave them life. God bless you.”

The couple may not have ever intended to adopt six children, but they were overjoyed.

“I think we could do a basketball team, a full game,” Jamie joked.

Heather laughed and added, “We could do two rugby teams. So, we’re really good.”

To commemorate the big event, the Hejduk family planted a row of bright-yellow duck lawn signs in their front yard, with a humorous sign that reads, “We Doubled Our Flock.”

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