Teen Delivers ‘Notes’ of Christmas Cheer to Veterans, Seniors

Franki Moscato from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, puts others first—and creates free digital concert this holiday season
December 21, 2020 Updated: December 21, 2020

Young Franki Moscato is on a mission. Several missions, actually.

First, the talented 18-year-old singer and performer from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, believes that veterans and members of law enforcement across the country deserve our robust and enduring thanks for all that they’ve done—and still do—to protect the vast freedoms we enjoy in America.

She goes out of her way to salute them. That includes singing the National Anthem for them, and for many other people, at every opportunity.

Second, Moscato rails against cyberbullying—something she herself has experienced in her life, she explains. Those experiences forced her to change schools several times as a young teen.

Because bullying of all types can lead tragically to suicide for too many individuals, Moscato started a foundation a year ago to bring greater awareness to the topic. No young person, she believes, should ever hurt himself or herself because of brutish treatment from others. Help is at hand, she shares with children and teens—and we all need to be kind toward each other.

franki moscato
Moscato speaks with kids about the importance of kindness. (Kathy Sakschek)

It’s a simple but profound and desperately needed mental-health message, this year and every year.

And third, as she continues to hone her musical abilities and develop her acting chops as well, Moscato thanks God for her gifts—and fully credits her faith for keeping her strong and focused.

“I’ve been blessed with opportunities to honor my country and to inspire people through my music,” she told The Epoch Times.

Before this year, Moscato frequently performed across the Badger State for residents of senior living and care facilities. With personal appearances of that type curtailed in 2020, she has turned to technology to reach her audiences.

To this end, she recorded a Christmas concert for seniors and veterans who may be experiencing isolation and seclusion during this holiday season. Her nearly 40-minute video performance includes lovely one-woman renditions of such classic Christmas songs as “O Holy Night” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

Anyone can watch Moscato’s cheerful concert by visiting FrankiJo.com/EpochXmas/.

franki moscato
Franki Moscato recorded an online Christmas concert especially for seniors and veterans who may be isolated during this time of year. She is 15 in this photo. (Mark William)

Moscato explains her motivation to reach others during a challenging time: “I know that this Christmas is not going to bring the usual family gatherings,” and she especially wanted to do something special for seniors who may find themselves alone.

She has been amply blessed, she says, to have the friendship of local veterans and to be surrounded in her life by supportive, caring adults. It’s why she chooses to spread positivity and patriotism through her music.

“My soul is meant for supporting my country,” says this gracious young woman.

Making Her Mark

Moscato attained national prominence in 2019 when she competed on “American Idol,” beating out thousands of other hopefuls and winning a “gold ticket” to perform in Hollywood before celebrity judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie.

franki moscato
Moscato on “American Idol” at age 16. (Courtesy of “American Idol”)

While her journey for the title came to an end at that time, she had the guts to try—and she impressed millions with her musical abilities.

Moscato credits American Legion Post 234 in Omro, Wisconsin, for acknowledging her as a singer early on and giving her many opportunities to perform. She says she is forever grateful to them—and to all veterans across the United States—for their service. Giving back, she says, is just the right thing to do.

“Our police, our firefighters—all of these people do so much for our communities and to protect us every day.” It’s why she says that she “will never accept payment for singing the National Anthem.”

Many of Moscato’s past performances can be found online. She sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” twice for the Green Bay Packers before packed crowds at their games. The first time she did, she was a slim little 11-year-old belting it out a cappella for the crowd (Watch the video at bit.ly/3kxoi2n).

frank moscato
Moscato, 11, with football player Aaron Rodgers, after singing the national anthem on Family Night at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis., in 2013. (Kathy Sakschek)

Flash forward six years—and she performed the National Anthem a second time for the Packers in 2019, also a cappella, as a polished and mature (but still very young!) 17-year-old (See that beautiful performance at bit.ly/34mFYYK).

Moscato also has sung the National Anthem for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Milwaukee Brewers, at the Miss Wisconsin pageant, and at local farmers markets—even at a few presidential campaign events.

“Growing up [in Oshkosh], I would watch the news and it was always so negative,” she says. “I decided I want to spread some simpler messages.”

Moscato is a freshman this year at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. She’s studying business and political science in an online program, which allows her the flexibility and the independence to continue with musical training and professional and charitable performances.

She notes that faith is a very big part of her life. “I’m a very spiritual person,” she says, citing her upbringing and her parents’ strong influence.

She prays before every performance. “It’s God’s work and not mine,” she says of her abilities, adding that she “tries to follow Jesus” and hopes that “others follow my message, too.”

“It’s my life’s goal to make a positive impact on other people,” she said.

At the age of 18, it’s clear that Franki Moscato is already achieving this—and that it’s her destiny to continue to reach wider and ever-enthusiastic audiences with her array of gifts and messages of uplift and inspiration.

“You are a true blessing to this world,” an appreciative fan wrote to her online. “God created you because He knew you would be a very special person.”

Maureen Mackey, a contributor to The Epoch Times, Parade Magazine, and other publications, is a digital content executive, writer, and editor based in the New York City area. Find her on Twitter @maurmack