Tattooed Dad’s Hilarious Reaction as He Gags and Almost Vomits While Changing Baby’s Diaper

April 29, 2019 Updated: April 29, 2019

Raising children can be a hard and complicated thing, and many people find it far easier than others. In fact, some have issues with even the basic things, such as changing a babies diaper.

The father in the video is changing his newborns diaper. Thinking that he was preparing himself for the worst, it appears that he did not prepare himself enough. Because as soon as he opened the diaper, he started to gag. Apparently, the child pooped, and left a massive odor which most people would gag over.

This father is no exception. He tries to hold it back as he is wiping his child, but it is not long before his stomach gets the better of him, and he vomits into a nearby trash can. The young child seems to be content with just looking around, not knowing that he is the cause of all of this.

The father continues to gag all the way up to the end of the video. But he tries to hold it off, because he wants to at least finish changing his little one. This is something that he is just going to have to get used to now.

This is an adorable video, as many of us who are parents can understand what it is like when you have your first child. It is new, and it grosses you out to have to change their messes, However, when time goes on, you get far more used to this.

This way, by the time your next child comes, you just go through the motions. This video shows that we all start from somewhere, and this father is no different. He may have a weak stomach now, by after a few years of changing the diapers, it will just be the norm.

Video Credit: storyful