Tanya Thicke: ‘I highly recommend’ Shen Yun

March 27, 2017

“The choreography was amazing. And the talent that these artists have on stage … is really phenomenal.” 

“I thought the performance was really amazing. The colors, the yellow (“Yellow Blossoms” dance) was my favorite. … and the acrobats, the costumes, … and the orchestra was really fantastic. It was a wonderful, beautiful show.” 

“[While watching], I felt very tranquil, I felt very calm, and I just thought it was really great when they incorporated the screen (digital projection) with the people coming out from the bottom and just popping out [on stage]. It was exciting, too.” 

“I always loved Chinese music. I personally find it to be very calming and soothing. The Chinese music was really beautiful.”

“The combination [of Eastern and Western instruments] was fantastic. I thought the orchestra did a great job.”

“If you want to see a beautiful show and be well entertained, and listen to an amazing orchestra, and watch these fantastic artists on stage, then I highly recommend it.”