Taiwanese Cultural Official Believes the Beauty in Shen Yun Transcends All Barriers

March 17, 2017

“Many people will say how well the performers have cooperated. However, as someone who has been in the artistic field for a long time, I believe the word, cooperation, alone cannot describe it. I think, within their hearts, they must have a common pure soul, making it possible for them to [perform] so seamlessly and bringing [so many elements] together. This has put me in awe.” 


“What also surprised me was the backdrop. I was amazed and stunned when I saw it the first time [I came to see Shen Yun]…This time, it was even better. The stage has been extended beyond into the backdrop, bringing together both physical reality and imaginative realm. It was about the communication between humans and gods.”


“The beauty [I saw today] surpassed any religious, racial or cultural barriers, and it touches people deep inside their souls. Things, regardless of how ugly or evil they may be, will all be washed away by the beauty.” 


“Because I work in the Cultural Affairs Department, and has long been helping many performance groups, I know it is not easy for Shen Yun, a non-government cultural organization, to be doing so well!” 


“I sensed an energy coming from the stage. It was flowing. I could clearly sense it—an energy flowing from the stage to the audience.” 


“The ideas that Shen Yun is conveying are beyond any materialistic means. For people in the 21st century, these ideas are very important, especially for people in China.” 


“For the greater good of mankind, as well as for the future generations of Chinese so they can have a healthy and beautiful soul, I hope very much that Shen Yun can perform in China, just like how it is in Taiwan, where people can freely come to embrace it.” 


“I am in charge of many cultural events. After going back to work, I will share with my subordinates about today’s experience.” 


‘If there were a hundred groups like Shen Yun, I believe our world would be even better.” 

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