Sweet Chick Lands in LES

Why did the chicken cross the Williamsburg Bridge? To open up shop on the Lower East Side, of course. (We hear your moans, but couldn’t resist.)

If the idea of chicken and waffles sets your heart aflutter, head over to Sweet Chick, which opened last week with new dishes like Chicken Parm, with a sun-dried tomato and basil waffle, or hush puppies studded with crawfish. The classics are still on the menu: kale BLT salad, mac and cheese with Ritz cracker crust, and Sweet Chick Chicken & Waffles (available with seitan). For dessert, there’s lemon meringue pie, frozen chocolate pudding pops, and coconut rice pudding.

Sweet Chick
178 Ludlow St. (between E. Houston and Stanton)