Dr. Suess Helps Bring Surprising Pregnancy Announcement

April 22, 2019 Updated: April 22, 2019

Most adults want to be parents and once we are parents, we anticipate being grandparents. A natural want that typically is filled at some point in time. For one Librarian though, her daughter was adamant that she would not be giving her parents grandchildren anytime soon. It was a thought far from her mind, but sometimes we change our minds.

Soon-to-be Grandma has no idea what her daughter is hinting at when she first opens, ‘The Cat in the Hat’, a popular book for infants, children, and families. Her mind immediately goes to the fact that as Librarian, her daughter is merely giving her an in-demand story. It isn’t until a moment later that it occurs to her that maybe her daughter is hinting at something more than merely the giving of a gift.

Her excitement is evident, hugging her husband and getting emotional of the aspect of soon becoming a grandmother, but the Dr.Suess themed surprise in nowhere near done. Her next gifts are red onesies and they make an even bigger announcement with the title of “Thing One” and “Thing Two”, soon they will be the grandparents to a beautiful set of twins.

Credit: Newsflare