Surgeon: Shen Yun ‘Leaves You Awestruck’

January 23, 2017

“I find it [Shen Yun] quite inspirational. I find it very spiritual and I am enjoying immensely the way in which the classical [Chinese dance] and movements have been very homogeneously immersed in the athletics or the acrobatics of dancing. The costumes are absolutely brilliant. Each number is totally different and leaves you awestruck, and I would highly recommend this to all age groups from coast to coast.”

“I find the movements to be so graceful and so perfect in motion, and there is no wasted movement on the stage regardless of what number they’re doing or regardless of how many are onstage. They are all in unison as one soul.”

“[Tradition] is not only for the preservation of the country, but also for the preservation of human beings within that country. It’s very important, very important.

“I think that all human beings are going to take away, probably a different story … a different perspective according to their culture. I am just overwhelmed with the way the audience reacts in the area I am. Each number is so different.”

“It just tugged at your heartstrings.”