Super Bowl XLIX Top 10 Beer Picks—You’ve Got to Try These

January 27, 2015 Updated: April 16, 2015

The Super Bowl is upon us. Don’t drink something mundane and predictable. With the current beer renaissance, there’s never been a better time to find unique brews.

Whether you’re a Patriots or Seahawks fan, here are the best brews to try during Super Bowl.

If You’re Rooting for the Pats

The Staple: Samuel Adams Boston Lager (Boston, Mass.)
A New England standard and the company’s flagship beer. This full-bodied lager led the beer revolution in Boston and is a staple in any New England bar.

The IPA: Harpoon IPA (Boston, Mass.)
Since 1993 Harpoon has provided Bostonians with this definitive New England-style IPA. The ale uses fresh Cascade hops that are not overpowering on the palate but provide a smooth hoppy finish for a pleasant taste—uncommon feat for an IPA. Harpoon continues to be the best IPA in the region and standard in the New England market.

The Wheat: Allagash White (Portland, Maine)
This is a classic witbier commonly rated as the best in the New England area. Allagash White provides a cloudy pour that will give beer drinkers the typical banana and clove hints they desire from a Wheat.

The Dark: Smuttynose Robust Porter (Portsmouth, N.H.)
This American Porter gives drinkers a full-bodied experience without leaving them full. This hearty beer uses the finest malts and hops while leaving a hint of coffee on the palate. BeerAdvocate rates this Porter “Outstanding” for a reason.

If You’re Rooting for the Seahawks

The Staple: Redhook ESB (Seattle, Wash.)
This Extra Special Bitter has been Redhook’s flagship brand since the late ’80s. Despite being labeled a bitter, the beer isn’t bitter. It’s a balanced brew in the Amber category that is light for those non-hops lovers out there. If you want a simple, go-to beer in Seattle, this is your choice.

The IPA: Widmer Brothers Upheaval IPA (Portland, Ore.)
Portland, Oregon, is a big player in the beer revolution that has captured the United States over the past five years. The Widmer Brothers are a big part of this boom and have been brewing locally since 1984. Upheaval is a bold American IPA with a citrus smell that will leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth. Serve in a tulip for the best taste.

The Wheat: Pyramid Hefeweizen (Seattle, Wash.)
This is the standard wheat beer of the Pacific Northwest. Pyramid’s most popular beer is unfiltered but has a uniquely smooth flavor that any hefeweizen lover will appreciate. Pick up some oranges to enjoy sliced with this beer.

The Dark: North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin (Fort Bragg, Calif.)
Arguably the most popular Russian Imperial Stout being brewed in the United States today. Old Rasputin has created a reputation of excellence with its complex flavors and balanced finish. It won’t disappoint any stout lover and will be a nice surprise for those who do not typically enjoy a darker beer.

Drowning Your Sorrows?

Indianapolis: 3 Floyds Zombie Dust (Munster, Ind.)
An American Pale Ale that legends are made out of. This fresh tasting beer is very scarce even if you live in Munster near this eclectic brewery. Devoted fans line up for this beer when it is available, and it’s well worth the wait. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on this intensely hopped ale, you’ll soon forget that your team is not playing in the Super Bowl.

Green Bay: New Glarus Brewing Spotted Cow (New Glarus, Wisc.)
The motto of this brewery is to “Drink Indigenous.” To stay true to this motto they only sell this beer in Wisconsin. Spotted Cow is a cask conditioned ale brewed with the finest Wisconsin malts that will satisfy any beer lover. Spotted Cow is a beer that can be paired with any type of food, including cheese.

John Counts is lives in Naperville, Ill. When he’s not busy being a huge football fan (and yes, he’s going to Super Bowl XLIX), he’s an avid connoisseur of fine beverages. His favorite beer is an IPA.