Super Bowl Food: 10 Quick and Tasty Drink and Snack Recipes

January 30, 2014 Updated: January 30, 2014

If you’re hosting the Super Bowl party on Sunday it means you’d better have good food to serve too. Anybody can do nachos and beer, but it’s not that hard to do a bit better. If you want to score extra points, here are some easy but innovative, football-crowd-pleasing recipes.


1. Pigs in a Blanket for Coin Toss

This snack meets the main two criteria for Super Bowl snacks: Filling enough and extremely quick to prepare. These mini hot-dogs wrapped in a crunchy puff pastry will take you less than half an hour to make and can be made ahead of time as well.


2. Beer Margaritas for Kickoff

You probably don’t realize how perfectly beer and lime margaritas go together. They do. Just pour limeade, tequila, water, and beer into a one large pitcher, stir well, add plenty of ice and you’re read to root for your team.


3. Nachos with the Best Dip for first Field Goal

No matter how innovative you want to get, it’s not a Super Bowl party without chips and dip. But there’s no need for corner store ranch. Try this one with caramelized onion, thyme, and wine. It can be made 3 days ahead.


4. Wings for Touchdown

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Wings with tasty spicy sauce via Shutterstock.

Wings are another Super Bowl standard, but that doesn’t mean they have to be standard. This recipe coats them in a tasty spicy sauce made from ingredients you definitely have in the fridge: tabasco, butter, and ketchup. Or go a more traditional (and less spicy) route with ranch dressing from blue cheese.


5. Bacon-Wrapped Potatoes for Safety

A quick, easy, and tasty way to serve up your potatoes on Super Bowl day is to steam them, then cut them in half, and wrap with bacon. Put them in the oven for 20 minutes and you’ve got original fries. Serve them with any dip or ketchup.


6. (Healthy-shhh) Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Tortilla for Half Time

There can be also be healthy Super bowl snacks, not that you have to sell them that way. All you need is fruit, like kiwis, apples, strawberries, or raspberries, and baked tortillas with cinnamon. Although be a bit reserved with this one since fruit and beer don’t always mix.


7. Marlboro Man Sandwich for Dead Ball

Time for some proper meat? The Marlboro Man sandwich from this great American food blog is perfect recipe for a hungry crowd. Layer cheese, fine steak, and mushrooms on crusty bread and bring a little cowboy feeling to the game.


8. Jalapeño Bites for Penalties

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Jalapeño snacks via Shutterstock.

These Jalapeño snacks can be made in just 30 minutes and are very non-cook friendly. Combine cream cheese, Parmesan, jalapeño peppers, and egg yolks, stir and shape, put on a baking sheet and, voilá, they are ready to be served golden warm.


9.  Rabbit Whiskey Punch for the Second Touch Down

Don’t be surprised, but you will need black Assam tea for this drink. But wait for the rest. New York City chef Jack McGarry, co-owner of The Dead Rabbit, mixed up this unique drink of lemon and orange juice with Jameson Whiskey and Dead Rabbit Orinoco Bitters.


10. Best No-Bake (Very Fudgy) Brownies to Run Out the Clock

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No-Bake brownies via Shutterstock.

Brownies are a no-brainer for a Super Bowl day dessert—and these ones you can make without even touching a stove. The secret formula is delicious combination of chocolate chips, vanilla wafers, marshmallows, and nuts. These brownies are quick to prepare before people arrive, then they need 1-2 hour to set in fridge.


Image of tortillas via Shutterstock.