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Backyard fun for the whole family
BY Bill Lindsey TIMEMay 25, 2023 PRINT

The family that plays together stays together, and has tons of fun in the process, especially with this selection of approachable yet challenging games.

Gosports Porable Xl Cornhole Game
(Courtesy of GoSports)

An Ancient, Fun Game

GoSports XL Portable Cornhole Set


Legend has it cornhole was invented by a 14th-century cabinet maker who was inspired by watching his children tossing rocks into a groundhog’s hole. It has since gone on to become a crowd-pleasing favorite around the globe. This portable set, which stores with eight beanbags in a handy bag between games, is perfect for games in the backyard, on the beach, or anywhere else.

(Courtesy of SpikeBall,)

A Unique Team Sport

Spikeball SpikeBrite 3 Kit


With aspects similar to volleyball, basketball, and tennis, Spikeball is an exciting, fast-paced game of skill and stamina. Invented in 1989, the game has two-person teams competing to volley the ball back and forth before spiking it onto a small, circular net facing up from the ground. It’s still new to many, so be prepared to have neighbors ask if they can play, too. It comes with Spikebrite balls for after-dark excitement.

Yard Games Double Ladder Toss
(Courtesy of Yard Games)

Your New Favorite Game

Double Ladder Ball 


This game pits two to four players against each other as they vie to throw three botas so they hang on the rungs of the two ladders placed 15 feet apart. Players get three points for botas that hang on the top rungs, two for botas hung on the second rung, and one for botas hung on the bottom rungs. It looks simple but actually requires considerable skill to master.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Escalade Sports)

A Traditional Blast

Triumph Patriotic Portable Badminton Set


People have been enjoying rousing games of badminton for 2,000 years, and this patriotically themed set makes it easy for two or four players to enjoy a game in the backyard in minutes. The setup is simple: Set the base on the ground, extend the telescoping poles, attach the net, and start playing. The storage bag keeps the net, four rackets, and two shuttlecocks all neatly in place.

(Courtesy of Wayfair)


MegaChess Giant Chess Set


This game of strategic thinking was inspired by the game of chaturanga, played 1,500 years ago in India. Unlike most sets, however, this one has pieces an impressive 16 inches tall, set on a chess board that measures four feet by four feet. The sheer size makes it easy for spectators to follow each move and also helps teach chess basics to those new to the game.

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