Summer Fun in Lake Tahoe

By Dana Rebmann, A Luxury Travel Blog

It was the 1960 Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley that introduced the world to Lake Tahoe. Snow is big here. The more of it the better. From skiing to snowboarding to tubing; if it requires snow, there’s a stretch of mountainside here where you can do it on. But as winter comes and goes, so does the snow. Slopes turn from white to green. Temperatures rise and sunny skies mean swimsuits trump snowsuits.

Walk on Water

The melting snow and rain feed Lake Tahoe. The 70-plus mile shoreline is home to a number of rustic mountain-side towns with cabins and lodges that boast million dollar views. You can sneak a peek from beaches and assorted points on land, but the best view is from the water. In the early morning Lake Tahoe typically looks more like a professionally cleaned pane of glass, than the second deepest lake in the United States. Early risers are rewarded with great conditions and the type of crowd control only an early morning alarm clock can provide.

There’s an assortment of non-motorized forms of transportation to choose from; kayaks, canoes or rowboats, but if you’ve never tried your luck or shall I say balance with stand-up paddle boarding, Lake Tahoe’s North Shore is the place to do it. Reserve a board and paddle from Watermans Landing and you can go from your car to the water in a matter of minutes. Owner Anik Wild and her crew are always happy to share tips to help you make the most of your time on the water.

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