Stockholm on a Shoestring

December 10, 2014 Updated: December 10, 2014

Stockholm is considered to be a very expensive city, and a cheap Stockholm may sound as a myth. Although it is not in the top 50 most expensive cities, there is a false idea regarding the capital of Sweden. Cheap Stockholm actually exists and it’s out there, available for all the tourists on a budget. Comparing Stockholm to other cities or capitals, visitors will have the possibility to find out that every local speaks English and will be very surprised to see that even the eldest of the locals speak fluent English, making it very easy for visitors to get around in such a big city.

The best place to spend the night, if you are looking for a cheap Stockholm stay, would be a hostel. Prices vary, but an average per night is somewhere around $50.

At most of the hotels, visitors can buy from the front desk the Stockholm Card, the visitors guide to Stockholm, which offers free entrance at the museums, historical sites and attractions, plus free use of the public means of transportation, bus or the subway system. Visitors can purchase this card for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days. The 3 day card is 650SEK (Swedish Crowns), almost $100. Considering that for most of the attractions the admission is around 100SEK, tourists will find out that this is one investment that’s worth every Swedish Crown.

After purchasing the card, the first stop should be Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset). Every year there is a Nobel banquet being held here, a 44 meter long hall that glows because of its golden mosaics, making it almost impossible to take photo insides?

Vasamuseet, built in 1928 by the orders of the King, originally a ship, a very beautiful wooden carved ship, failed to leave the harbor on its first journey and sunk. In 1961 the Swedish people decided it’s time to drag it out of the waters in order to make a museum to showcase the ship and as a reminder to all the sailors that lost their lives.

The Drottningholm Castle is the smaller brother of the Versailles in Paris. Visitors will most certainly observe the influences Versailles had over this Castle. Tourists will be introduced to the Swedish royal family and the beautiful gardens in the Castle will most likely delight visitors even in winter time.

Skansen is the local zoo, where visitors can take their children for a good time. Getting introduced to the Swedish folk life, traditional Swedish dances and food are just some of the things people visiting Skansen will appreciate and remember for the rest of their journey.

After this brief presentation of a cheap Stockholm, maybe the myth of Stockholm being a very expensive city will disappear and everybody will be able to enjoy this beautiful capital.

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*Image of old town of Stockholm