Step Back in Time and Discover World’s Best Kept Secret Beaches

By Lizi Oldham
Lizi Oldham
Lizi Oldham
June 16, 2014 Updated: June 24, 2014

There is nothing more satisfying than personally discovering hidden treasures of golden sand and crystal clear water. The simple pleasures of pristine beauty await those fortunate enough to research thoroughly enough, or travel far enough to find them. The thought of a day or more at the one of the best kept beaches rewards the soul with a step back in time, to the likes of several hundred years. Yes, there are a vast number of amazing beach destinations around the world, and people are within their rights to be refer to them as the best. However, they are typically exploited, overcrowded, commercialized, and over hyped! For most stepping away from the tourist tracks into a fantasy of a uninhabited private beach is not attainable – but for those resourceful enough the hidden gems are still here!

New Chums, New Zealand

Known for its tranquillity and peacefulness, New Chums Beach has been voted among the best beaches in the world. Being only accessible by foot, New Chums Beach is often deserted leaving the vast stretch of golden sand, fringed by native New Zealand forest, free from the masses.

Pasir Putih Beach, Bali, Indonesia

This beach has coined the nickname ‘White Sand Beach’ and is the ideal place to escape the hoards of tourists throughout Bali. With no infrastructure viewable from the beach it is easy to forget the electric chaos that encompasses the rest of the island.

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