Stay Well: High-Tech Gear to Improve Your Life

BY Bill Lindsey TIMEJanuary 29, 2022 PRINT

Staying healthy has become a lot more challenging in the past few years, so we have several suggestions of high-tech gadgets to help you keep well.

Oura Ring
(Courtesy of Oura)

24/7 Health Monitoring

Oura Ring Generation 3
From $299

The problem with annual physical exams is the 12 months between each one, making it difficult to track overall wellness. This ring changes all that. By tracking sleep patterns, body temperature, and heart rate variability, wearers can monitor their overall health on a daily basis. The stylish ring can also be used to assist with meditation sessions.

(Courtesy of Quardio)

A Smiling Scale

QuardioBase 2 Scale

This elegant scale goes far beyond displaying weight. It helps multiple users meet and maintain fitness goals. Tracking BMI, muscle, bone, body fat, and water mass, it uses smiley faces and haptic vibration to provide feedback based on goals set in the Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled Qardio App. It even has a pregnancy mode to keep mothers-to-be healthy.

(Courtesy of Puripot)

Bright Idea

Puripot L1 Lamp

This system uses two filtration processes to remove fine dust as well as bacteria and harmful VOCs from the air, in the discrete form of a very practical lamp. Rather than a traditional HEPA filter, the system utilizes titanium dioxide photocatalyst technology for the washable filter.

(Courtesy of Hyperice)

Heat or Cold on the Go

Hyperice Hot/Cold Knee Therapy

Knee injuries are among the most common ailments, with ice and heat an effective treatment. This device provides both, using contrast therapy to constrict and expand, improving blood flow while alternating between heated and chilled treatment. The portable unit can be used to warm up before exercise and anywhere pain relief is needed.

(Courtesy of Hi-Interiors)

Sleep Well

HiAm Bed
From $28,200

A good night’s rest is ensured in this high-tech, four-poster oasis of wellness and tranquility. Controlled via an iOS app, it tracks and rates sleep to create a more restful experience. Overhead lights facilitate reading in bed while the retracting screen, side screens, and integrated audio-video system transform it into a delightfully comfortable movie theater.

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