State Department Supervisor Impressed by Values Shown in Shen Yun

January 20, 2017

“I was very impressed with … the integration with the [digital backdrop] with the traditional dance, so it’s kind of blending the traditional with the very modern and high tech and I found that very, very entertaining.”

“I think that [Shen Yun] helps you reflect and also reminds you that people all over the world share a lot of the same values and you can see themes from the religious messages that are also common in religions that we share, so I think that it’s something that could really unify people.”

“I heard about it and I invited my children to come too because I think it’s part of their education, so that they get to experience things from different cultures, sometimes we’re lucky enough to be able to travel around the world and sometimes we don’t get that opportunity, but this is a way that part of the world can come to us.”