Star of ‘Supernatural’ Says Shen Yun is Transcendent

April 30, 2017

“I like it very much.”
“My kids have been taking Chinese, so we’ve been looking for Chinese language events for them to come see. They’ve been enjoying it very much.”
“The performance is great. I’ve never seen traditional Chinese dance before, so this is all new to me …I really like the [dance program] Han Dynasty Sleeves.”
“The level of precision and expertise that goes into the work and the amount of practice and refinement in it is totally on another level from my own level of perfection.”
“I think that the symphony accompanying the performance is lovely. It’s really nice to have a live orchestra in a performance. I’m enjoying that.”
“I think the costuming is amazing. It’s really, really excellent.”
“Any time traditional art can address human rights issues, I think it’s important.”
“It’s transcendent.”