Stand Against the Actions and Ideology of the Left

April 16, 2021 Updated: April 16, 2021

America is in dangerous waters. Those who despise and have disdain for the country, it’s founding, and principles, have been on the march to “fundamentally transform” the country into what THEY think it should be. We need to be very, very concerned and afraid because their multi-generation efforts are being realized.

There is a reason Joe Biden was chosen as the Democrat Party representative. His history flies in the face of the ideals the party stands for today, but he is deficient and pliable so he can be used toward their ends. Kamala is not capable or likable, but they chose her as Joe’s running mate because they can do many things under the cover of her status as the first woman and woman of color to be vice president.

These two were carefully chosen so those behind the scenes can make great strides in realizing their goal. What is their goal? To remake America into a socialist/Marxist/communist country that controls the citizenry. Instead of embracing the promise of the U.S. Constitution that gives the power to the people to determine who represents them, the Dems strip the people of their constitutional rights. We have to remember that our representatives are there at the consent of the governed. Not the other way around. Our foundation as a country is being stood on its head and is 180 degrees out of phase and bass-ackwards! As dire as the current environment is, it is not too late to arrest their efforts in its tracks and regain the intended purpose of this great country.

Too many of us watched the campaign and presidency of Donald Trump and saw him as “our” savior. While I understand the reasons why this happened, it is and was the wrong thing to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should not have supported Donald Trump. We absolutely should have. What I am offering is that we should have used his time as president to stand against the actions and ideology of the Left. Further, we also should have insisted that those attacking the president be held accountable for their actions. We can’t hope to ‘win’ in this war if we don’t know who and/or what we’re fighting. Only then can we effectively fight the evil that permeates our country and society.

My point is simply this. If we hope to save the country and maintain, and, in some instances, regain, our freedoms and liberty, we must understand who the enemy is. They have made it easy to identify them by their blatant actions.

Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them!” There is lots of truth and wisdom in that quote. Despite the protestations of the Left, their actions reveal who they are. They are anti-American and don’t believe in the constitution. For them, it’s all about power and control. Don’t let them continue to incrementally take away our freedom and liberty. If the U.S. fails, there is no place on earth to live free and self-actualize.

We have been called for such a time as this. Let’s not stand idly by as the country is destroyed. No, I’m not advocating we take up arms against the government. I’m advocating that we use all peaceful means to draw attention to the tactics of the left. I firmly believe the majority of Americans believe in this country, its greatness, and what it can be. Let’s wake up, recognize who and what we’re up against, and stand against it. No, this is not being “woke” in the sense the Left means it, but rather being “awake” with renewed recognition of who and what we’re up against.



  1. Edward Floyd