Mom Catches Young Son Using Phone After Bedtime. Her ‘List of Punishment’ Has Gone Viral

May 19, 2019 Updated: May 26, 2019

This young boy was  caught red-handed by his mom while breaking rules at home. So the thoughtful mom came up with an idea to let her little son learn a good lesson!

Louis’s mom happened to catch him on his phone after bedtime. He knew his behavior was risky and against the rules set by his mom, but he still sneaked out to play with his phone. Then, his mom had no option but to ground him. Not only was he grounded, he had to earn points to end the punishment. Louis was not given an option to choose how to end it—he had to follow Mom’s orders.

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His mom presented him with a list of chores; each had allotted points. He needed to complete the chores to reclaim his freedom.

She calmly presented Louis with the list and wrote: “CONGRATULATIONS! You got grounded!!! To get ungrounded you must earn 500 points. Offense: Playing on phone AFTER bedtime.”

Too harsh or about right?

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In today’s modern era with all these gadgets around, parents should have some rules for their children, especially one that restricts nighttime usage. Kids need their sleep, and the best way to help them stick to the rules is to have them follow the rules and learn about the consequences if they are ever broken. Well, kids might not agree with all this easily, but then nobody said parenting is “child’s play!”

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