Album Review: Smile Down Upon Us

August 14, 2008 Updated: September 29, 2015
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Truly a product of the MySpace generation, Smile Down Upon Us were put together using the social networking tool, with vocalist moomLooo in Japan and her bandmates holed up in a studio in London.

But here’s the problem: the vocals don’t quite gel. Sure, the instrumentals are a plenty pleasant nu-folk accompaniment, reminiscent of a glitchless Four Tet, but moomLooo’s sub-Bjork ramblings don’t add much.

That said, ‘My Body Continents’ has very well judged, rattling snares (which somehow manage to form the hook of the song), and ‘Two Weeks Last Summer’ proves when she controls herself moomLooo can be pretty engaging. My advice? Go it alone boys… Oh, they already have (as Ellis Island Sound).

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