Sleep Well: Gear to Help Reduce Tossing and Turning 

Author F. Scott Fitgerald said, “The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to.”  
BY Bill Lindsey TIMEApril 23, 2022 PRINT

If counting huge flocks of sheep isn’t helping you fall asleep, consider a high-tech solution.

Sleep Machine

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This system uses sophrology relaxation techniques in either eight- or 20-minute guided sessions. Designed to help you relax and drift off to sleep, they work by slowing your breathing and heart rate. A total of 210 sessions allows you to choose those that work best for you.

The Sound of Silence

Bose Sleep Buds
(Courtesy of Bose)

Bose Sleepbuds II


Sized to ensure a comfortable, all-night fit, rather than music, these buds deliver soothing content from the Bose Sleep app. Instead of canceling noise, they actively mask it by combining sounds and frequencies to create a sense of quiet that provides an environment that’s conducive to sleep.

The Colors of Sound

(Courtesy of Sound+Sleep)



Most noise keeps us awake, but this system creates sounds that lull you into a restful state by delivering ambient sounds of nature, such as rivers or rain. They also deliver white noise to mask sound, soothing pink noise, and low-frequency brown noise similar to the sound of the surf, thus fostering deeper relaxation and improved sleep.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Saje Diffuser
(Courtesy of Saje)

Saje Diffuser


Fans of essential oils rely on them for deeper, more restful sleep. With a run time of up to 22 hours, the diffuser adds humidity to the air while circulating the oils. It also generates negative ions to create the refreshing atmosphere of a waterfall.

Harness the Light

(Courtesy of Ayo)

AYOlite Therapy


Our circadian rhythms control our sleep-wake cycle, but when they get out of whack, sleep becomes elusive. By using blue light therapy, this lightweight system is said to realign the brain’s natural circadian rhythms to improve sleep quality as well as energy, moods, and overall wellness.

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