Skirts and Bicycles are Friends Again Thanks to the Penny

BY Ingrid Longauerová TIMEJuly 2, 2014 PRINT

Every woman knows that skirts and bicycles are not the best of friends. It’s always the choice between sweating profusely or take a risk to expose yourself much more than you would like to.

Four British girls from Glasgow gave an easy solution to this problem: By using a penny and a rubber band. 

“We love bikes. We love skirts. But sometimes these two don’t mix well. Which is why we came up with Penny in Yo’ Pants, an easy solution to making your skirt bikeable,” said  Madeleine, Alec, Jo, and Lucy on their site.

To make today’s bicycling woman’s life easier, the girls also strive to help those across the globe. By buying their  “penny,” you are also supporting women’s cycling team in Afghanistan. It’s not just about the skirts!

Ingrid Longauerová
journalist/graphic designer
Ingrid Longauerová is a long time employee at the Epoch Media Group. She started working with The Epoch Times as a freelance journalist in 2007 before coming to New York and work in the Web Production department. She is currently a senior graphic designer for the Elite Magazine, a premier luxury lifestyle magazine for affluent Chinese in America produced by the EMG.
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