Zumanjaro, Six Flags’ New Record-Breaking Ride

BY Victor Chan TIMEApril 8, 2014 PRINT

Six Flags Great Adventure is adding a new record-breaking thrill ride. Meet Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom.

Zumanjaro is to be the tallest drop tower, lifting riders 415 feet in the air. The fall back to Earth will hit some 90 miles per hour.

The ride will compliment Kingda Ka, Six Flags’ other record-breaking ride; Zumanjaro will be built into the structure of the roller coaster that launches you to 128 miles per hour in a few short seconds.

So, like Kingda Ka, you’ll get a nice aerial view of the surrounding area, easing your terror for a moment, just before accelerating towards Earth at nearly a meter per second, trying to forcefully remind yourself that you did this for fun.

The ride is expected to open on Memorial Day weekend.

Victor Chan
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