Singer: Shen Yun Gives ‘Voice to the Divine’

April 6, 2017

“I love the show. It’s my third year coming, three years straight.”


“I think it’s very unique. It has a different perspective on performing, because it brings a narrative that brings awareness about religion, history, and the beautiful original influence of the history of China and how different it was and how free they were to be able to express their art and their philosophies without any oppression. I think it’s very important to be able to bring that awareness.”


“I think it’s the spiritual quality of it [that impressed me the most]. I’m very pleased by the fact that there is such a big production that is giving voice to the divine.”


“It’s important for everyone to have freedom of expression, artistically and spiritually.” 


“I was really inspired by the erhu. So beautiful. It feels like your own natural vocal chords.” 


“I think [the singing is] very unique and very strong. I liked it very much.” 


“Those enriching messages that are very philosophical in nature, they’re very important. They’re part of Chinese heritage, but they can help anyone. They can become acquainted with the philosophy.” 


“I’m very aware of how China began as one of the first real, true cultures in the world, one of the oldest ones, and very advanced at that time. I’m very aware of it. I am saddened by everything that has happened that has taken that away from them. I’m very pleased to see this being spread around the world, to create awareness around the spiritual heritage of China.”


“I feel that it brings hope, hope that we can actually overcome our limitations and potentially become free again, free people … It’s the freedom of being able to express our true selves and who we truly are. If we are not harming anyone, why should we be stopped? It’s just to create inner balance, and it’s an individual pursuit, but it shouldn’t be forbidden, meditation or whatever form it is that you choose to express your spirituality and the divine within you.”


“I think they’re doing a fantastic job. I think they should keep it up, and continue to be bold and even dare more, expose more, tell us more. I think it’s important to not be afraid. This is a free world. Come out and say whatever you need to say. I think bringing awareness of what the people of China have to endure and the freedom they’ve lost, is inspiring, and they should continue to do it more.”