Simply Magnificent

December 27, 2008 Updated: October 1, 2015
Audience members are fascinated by the DPA show in Jacksonville.  (The Epoch Times)
Audience members are fascinated by the DPA show in Jacksonville. (The Epoch Times)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Mr. and Mrs. Warner, retired and now performers, were among the audience members at the Divine Performing Arts' (DPA) last performance in Florida at the Times Union Performing Arts Center in Jacksonville on Dec. 26.

Mrs. Warner thought it was a beautiful performance with many appealing facets. She said, “An excellent blend of choreography, music, costuming, and wonderful singers and dancers. It takes great discipline to do that.”

Mr. Warner added, “They bring words like elegance, beauty, and grace, and honor—it’s an honorable profession to them.”

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, commercial drivers and database managers, also attended the show with their children.

Mrs. Johnson particularly liked the legends and stories told throughout the performances. She said, “The culture, the costumes, you know, it’s just outstanding. I strongly believe in folklore. … And a lot of people tend to forget about folklore and culture. So I thought that was just magnificent.”

“The scenery, especially the background scenery, how they emerged from the scenery, the picture, that is the part we really like—that was magnificent, very different. More mystical and magical, I liked that!”

When asked if he would like to add anything Mr. Johnson said, “She summed it up!”

The company heads on to Durham, North Carolina for performances on Dec. 28.

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