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Should You Be Drinking Soy Milk?

TIMEJune 1, 2014

I remember when I first got interested in nutrition – it was right after I read a book on veganism. Immediately, I ditched my skim milk for soy. Soy milk in my cereal, soy milk in my coffee, even drinking soy milk straight from the glass! I thought it was the healthiest choice in milks because it was dairy free.

Now that I’ve learned more about soy I realize this was far from my best option when it comes to dairy free milk substitutes. Soy milk is still marketed as a healthy product, but there are loads of reasons to avoid it. Here are a few reasons why we recommend you think twice before reaching for that soy latte:

Highly processed: Soy milk is a highly processed product. The soybeans are heated at high temperatures and acid washed in aluminum tanks, so the aluminum may be transferred into the soy milk.

Usually GMO: Almost all soy in America is genetically modified, and is grown with high levels of pesticide contamination.

Carageenan: Most soy milks on the market contain a substance called carageenan, which can cause digestive disruptions, inflammation and can be carcinogenic.

Processed soy in general has been shown to disrupt endocrine and thyroid function and may negatively affect hormones as well. Read more about the downside of soy.

Instead of soy milk, here at Be Well we recommend making your own milk substitutes as the best alternative. Homemade almond milk or hemp milk are both delicious! If that doesn’t float your boat or you’re at Starbucks wondering what to do — try drinking your coffee black! It’s not that bad.

If you do choose to consume soy, choose organic and fermented soy products like tempeh or miso – this will ensure you’re not consuming GMOs and will keep your digestion happy, too!

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