Shen Yun’s Values Fundamental to Society, Argentina’s Secretary of Culture and Creativity Says

March 2, 2018

“The whole show was very exciting—the setting, the light, the dancing. I was really very moved by the show.”

“The music was wonderful. It went along perfectly with the whole show. The setting and the dancing, and all the values that were conveyed during the show moved me too.

“The love for nature, for the divine, … for friendship, love. … This left me with an interesting imprint after the show. It’s always good to reflect on what the show gave me, and the truth is that’s what I’ll carry with me—a kind of peace.”

“I clearly felt those values—the tolerance, peace, love. All those values are very important in today’s society, so we can live with situations that sometimes we don’t like and that we have to overcome. With those values inside, I think it will be much easier to grow as a society. … It’s fundamental.”

“That’s why I think that this kind of show, that has to do with culture, but also with everyday life at the same time, is very important to see and share.”

“I’m left with an imprint of great peace, spirituality, and I feel we have to live [with] nature. … I also value all the artists’ dedication, from the musicians and the people that surely work backstage and we don’t see. You can tell the effort of a great production—such a great effort.”

“[Shen Yun] really is not just another show.”