Shen Yun’s Stories Illustrate the ‘Unquenchable Spirit of the People’

January 6, 2018

“I love the performance tonight. … I especially appreciated the focus at various points in the program on what is currently happening in contemporary China, particularly the repression of people who simply want to stand up for their own faith. … We need to be reminded of what we are currently facing with our brothers and sisters in China. That’s for sure.”

“The stories that are handed down to us from Chinese history really remind us of the struggles of the people and the continuing effort on the part of the community in China to lift the spirits of the people and face adversity coming to them from every corner of their community, particularly repression from powers that would really cause people to suffer. I think that that’s the main message, that the unquenchable spirit of the people is certainly something that you see in the stories that are presented.”

“I think the ending piece [‘The Divine Renaissance Begins’], to me, was particularly inspiring in the figure that is presented. Certainly, the figure that comes to us is a figure of the Buddha … and reminding us that we are all there with the Buddha and we all have the Buddha within us if we are willing to let it be.”

“I would say you will not find a more expert demonstration of physical, mental, and spiritual skills and dedication than you will see here at Shen Yun. You won’t find it anywhere. Anywhere.”