Shen Yun’s Soloist is Awe-Inspiring

April 23, 2017

“We love it. This is actually our first time seeing this show, and it’s very colorful, and we love the energy of it.”

“All the colors, and the costumes, and the productions … spot on, great job.”

“[It’s] great for American culture to see [Chinese] culture, and everything brought to life.”

“The [backdrop] and everything, it ties into the story very well … making [a connection] between real life and cinematics … nothing bad to say about it.” 

“Enlightening would be a great word. Watching the show brings a substance of good feeling. We get to see so many parts of so much history from the different culture that we never knew before.”

“I don’t have words to [describe the dancing]. It’s so good … Everybody is just on point, and it looks like everybody is so well trained and so well focused.” 

“The singer that we just heard, it’s good to see that aspect. It’s very awe-inspiring.”

“I would definitely recommend this. If I could recommend more people to come to this, I definitely would.” 

“[In general] it’s overwhelming.”