‘Shen Yun’s Music Nourishes My Spirit,’ Theatergoer Says

October 1, 2017

“The voice of the soprano is very clean and crisp, pure and natural, and flawless. It nourishes my soul.” 

“[The song “Plum Blossom”] took me back to the era when Dr. Sun Yat-Sen lived, and I felt his spirit. As soon as I heard the words ‘plum blossom,’ tears filled my eyes. I was very touched.” 

“I didn’t think that the ‘erhu’ [a two-stringed instrument] could be used other than for expressing sad emotions. Shen Yun’s erhu can make cheerful and lively sounds that perfectly blend in with Western musical instruments and appeal to new generations. The artists are amazing!” 

“[The harpist] reminded me of the scenario in a Tang Dynasty poem depicting a special woman with a ‘pipa’. … The scenes in history are flashing before me like a photo album turning its pages.” 

“Shen Yun’s songs not only present 5,000 years of Chinese culture, but also the classic stories from ancient to modern times.” 

“I am not tired anymore, and I am sure I will be full of energy tomorrow at work. … Shen Yun’s music nourishes my spirit and will always be in my memory. It’s definitely worth coming.” 

Li Yingying, president of District 300-C3 Lions Clubs Intl.
Changhua, Asia
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
October 30, 2017