Shen Yun’s ‘Dance has so much meaning,’ Says Film Producer

April 8, 2017

“I absolutely love it. It’s cool to see a different culture in an artistic method in front of my eyes.” 

“I’m very impressed [with the dance].” 

“I think it’s interesting because I don’t normally get to see this sort of artistic value and this sort of cultural art brought in front of my eyes. … Here I’m seeing the delicacies, I’m seeing how intricate it is, how long it takes to learn these art forms, and the use of the things like the drums, the long sleeves, the fans, … It’s amazing.” 

“I’m seeing [Chinese spirituality] through the use of music and the very delicate movements. Every time they move, there is a cue. There is a message in the movements. Every time they move, there is an expression of emotion and part of their spirit. That’s why I’m saying, that’s why it’s interesting to see how, culturally, the dance has so much meaning. That’s showing me the spirituality of the culture through the movement. 

“And there is so much happening on the stage at the same time, that every time I look at a different direction, I see something else happening. And then together all those messages are one story. It’s very interesting.”