Shen Yun’s 5,000 Years of Culture Impresses Anthropologist

April 3, 2017

“It’s just an amazing show.” 

“[I] recommend it highly – a visual, cultural experience of China of 5,000 years of Chinese history.” 

“The historical aspects of Chinese culture are wonderful. … It’s just majestic.”

“Now that I know more about Falun Dafa, I can understand the performance even more. … We were invited to a Falun Dafa workshop. We have learned the Qigong, and the five sets of exercises. I read about Falun Gong.” 

“[I feel] sad [about the current repression of Falun Gong]. There is no freedom of religion in China, no freedom of speech, [and] no freedom of individual liberties. The communist government controls basically people’s lives.” 

“The choreography is truly excellent.”

“[The dancers are] just superb. I mean obviously, they have to be trained dancers. We don’t get to see some of that often here.” 

“Personally, I love the “Yellow Blossoms” and the “Tibetan Drums” [pieces.] [In] the “[Yellow] Blossoms,” the choreography, the coordination, the beauty of the dancers forming the blossoms … and they just come alive [in] vibrant colors. The “Tibetan Drums” dance is a reminder of the Tibetan situation. It’s just rich in culture.”