Shen Yun ‘Wow Wow Wow!’, Says Broadcaster Translator

April 8, 2017

“Incredible, absolutely incredible. Very moving, very touching. There were moments, or more than moments actually, where I had to wipe my tears away because it takes you right back into your own roots. The culture, the language, more importantly today was the strong message that was coming through about life, about human survival. It’s just so moving—if coming to shows like this contributes something towards them — I’m really pleased, really blessed.”


“[What stood out for me was the Chinese] belief system as opposed to the worldly view of how one should be. And they’re not struggling to hold onto their belief — it’s there, and they’re championing the way for other believers.”


“I think it goes right back to their ancestry, to their blood lines, to their connection to their higher force, a higher power, a higher being that they believe in. And in our culture we are similar.”


“It comes right off the screen onto the stage. How cool is that? Incredible, amazing. The colour, the choreography—it just speaks volumes with what they’re wearing and what they’re saying, with what their message is. Everything just ties, everything is united. That’s how strongly we feel about it, both of us. I’m wondering: is it the China that my heart tells me to visit—this show has woken me up.”


“The Western instruments, the traditional instruments—music to my ears. And how beautifully they intertwine together. It’s synchronicity—it just merges into one. And that’s how the whole performance was for me. It’s incredible.”


“Wow! Wow wow wow! Very good, exceptional.”