Shen Yun Vocalist’s Lyrics Gave Goosebumps

May 7, 2017

“Marvelous show! I have not seen anything else like Shen Yun in my entire life.”

“I have seen Shen Yun every year since that first year when the artists have come to Vienna. The beauty of it still touches my heart.”

“Shen Yun made me believe that it is divinely inspired. It exudes harmony, which makes it a great work of art.”

“What a wonderful show! I lack the words to describe the feelings that race through my mind. However, I feel as if I’m touching the heavens.”

“The tenor was outstanding. His voice filled the entire venue with its beauty.”

“The song lyrics gave me goosebumps and touched my deepest soul. For me, they told me the truth, the absolute truth. They truly bring spirituality to the audience.”

“The emcees point to the stories and open the eyes to details one would not notice otherwise. They emphasize the background of the individual scenes.”