Shen Yun Vocalists’ ‘Dynamics Were Wonderful,’ Professional Singer Says

March 22, 2018

“This show was amazing. I loved it. … It’s overwhelming—it was so beautiful. The costumes were beautiful [and the] talent was amazing.”

“Being a singer myself, I was very impressed with [the soloists]. I loved that we had the lyrics up on the screen for those of us who wouldn’t understand the Chinese, but it was beautiful. The pianist was wonderful, I just can’t say enough good about it.”

“[The vocalists’] sustaining of the notes was wonderful. With not knowing the Chinese language, is hard for me to really comment on the phrasing, but I did feel the dynamics were wonderful and the movement was beautiful.”

“[When reading lyrics,] I felt a real peace about that. I mean the message of the show, I felt was that we’re all here, we’re all together, and we really need to remember our Creator, and we want to get back to heaven, and live in peace.”

“The last dance was beautiful. Again, that goes along with what I was saying about the songs that the baritone and the soprano sang about our Creator, about how we want to get back to heaven. How we’re persecuted for our faith at times, and we have to stay strong in it. If that’s what we believe—we stay strong in our faith and that will carry us too.”