Shen Yun Visually Incredible, Says Artist

February 26, 2017

“Visually, it was incredible. I loved how there was an integration between what was happening on the stage with what was happening behind it, as well as in the orchestra pit. It was a beautiful unified experience.”

“Everything from the dance, the music, the set, the costume — it was just a beautiful experience for all the senses. … Everything inspires me, everything inspires me.”

“I loved how being there can transport you to another time, to another place. That’s what great art does. It takes you with it on the journey, and it definitely took us on the journey.”

“I think it’s also very relevant today Because I think people need to find the beauty in our world today and this is a great way to do it. … There is humor in it too. There is humor, there is excitement.”

“I always appreciate wonderful technique, but you are not caught up in that. They are effortless. They make it look effortless.”