Shen Yun ‘Truly Delightful for the Soul,’ Argentine Congresswoman Says

April 25, 2017

“Simply wonderful, besides the skill of the dancers, the wardrobe, the colors, it’s taking a little while from the day, or from life, to comfort the spirit. I came with my family and it is a wonderful moment to share the millennia of Chinese culture and to get to know more about it.

“To tell the truth, it’s taking a break from the whirlwind one lives in to look inward, contemplate, listen to excellent music. It is truly delightful for the soul.”

“The dances, the skill of the dancers! … It’s a subtle dance, but it has an astonishing strength.”

“I think it precisely has to do with going back to the values, to the family, the love. I found the fact that it is related to that wonderful. In every dance, you can find the value one looks for—the hope, the strength—so I found it wonderful.”

“I think we have to learn a lot. Nations have to listen more to each other, and I think we Argentinians have a lot to learn from [ancient] China. Mainly the tolerance, the peace. I think [the artists] convey that—the contemplation of the truly important things and putting what damages us aside.”