Shen Yun Transported Art Gallery Manager to a Completely Other World

February 4, 2018

“I thought it was extraordinary—absolutely extraordinary. The skill of the dancers,the colours … they made it look effortless, joyful … just transported me to a completely other world.”

“The melding of the projection screen and the actual real life dancers was just incredible.”

“The coordination, the timing … the orchestra was extraordinary. I really appreciated their skill on all levels—a truly beautiful show.”

“[The blending of the Chinese and Western instruments] that was lovely, seamless, absolutely seamless. It was also really lovely having the two comperes, explaining the origins of the dances. Really bring everyone along for the journey, and giving them real information—absolutely fantastic.”

“[The music] an expression from the heart … it’s medicine for our true human being —truly uplifting and magnificent.”

“[I feel a] real kaleidoscope [of emotions]. As colourful as it was, that’s the range of emotions that sticks. Extraordinary. Truly extraordinary.”