Shen Yun Touches the Human Soul, Violin Maker Says

March 14, 2017

“Shen Yun’s program has in-depth content with meaningful social significance. It conveys the traditional Chinese culture, virtue, and literature, so it can resonate with its audiences.”


“Being a musician, I truly admire Shen Yun’s music. From the conductor to those who play different instruments, all of them are top-notch musicians.”


“Music is beyond borders. Shen Yun music is a blend of traditional Chinese music and Western music. It has profound and interesting significance. The music itself is to convey the aesthetics of sound. Shen Yun touches the human soul through the aesthetics of sound.”


“The most precious part in Shen Yun is that it successfully synchronizes various fields of arts.” 


“As Shen Yun presents an all-new line up of a program and gives audiences a refreshing experience every year, we can tell the Shen Yun production team’s great devotion and hard work.”


“The artistic director must have devoted tremendously to the performance. … It’s very creative to adopt the animated digital backdrops, which make the performance more comprehensive, meaningful, and interesting.”


“It’s a perfect performance. I’m grateful to Shen Yun’s production team for bringing happiness to its global audiences and enriching their souls.”


“Shen Yun’s performance is perfect from the very beginning to the end. It proves the old saying that one minute onstage takes 10 years of practice.”


“It’s precious to see the fast-paced dance [‘Mongolian Bowls’] with various delicate movements performed flawlessly by so many dancers with a bowl on the top of their heads. Their coordination is amazingly good.” 

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