Shen Yun ‘Touches my heart!’ Says Theater Business Owner

April 22, 2011 Updated: April 23, 2011

CHICAGO—The artistry and depth of Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company were just two aspects that amazed business partners, Laura and Pamela. They joined the enthusiastic audience attending Friday evening’s presentation, April 22, at the Civic Opera House.

Having missed the show in Indianapolis, the two women drove all the way from Indianapolis to Chicago to see it. Laura said, “I had wanted to see the show for years. We came from Indianapolis to see Shen Yun."

Laura said she was so glad they did, “I love it. It’s incredible!”

Pamela said, “We love it. It’s beautiful! It’s just beautiful. We weren’t able to see the show when it was in Indianapolis. So we made a point of coming to Chicago to see it."

Laura and Pamela own their own company in the theater industry, creating scenery.

Laura said seeing the world renowned show would leave her with a lasting memory, “It gives me the flavor of China that I appreciate to see.”

Pamela agreed and said she found Shen Yun inspirational and the show resonated deeply with her, “It touches my heart. It’s very serene.”

Both ladies said they enjoyed classical Chinese dance and music presented by New York-based Shen Yun. Laura said she had learned about traditional Chinese culture and history through the performance.

Pamela said she was impressed by the unique dance techniques, “The floating, the girls floating across the floor.”

Shen Yun presents colorful and exhilarating performances of classical Chinese dance and music.

Pamela was moved by the songs, “They were singing from their heart. It was good. I enjoyed it because it was inspirational. I enjoyed it very much.

Pamela concluded by saying, “We love it—a beautiful production. It’s beautiful. It’s just beautiful.”

Reporting by Hongyi Pan and Jeanmarie Lunsford.

Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company will perform at Chicago's Civic Opera House through April 24. For more information, visit