Shen Yun Touches Actress’s Heart

April 18, 2017

“[Shen Yun was] touching, it went straight—to my heart. The perfection of the dancers, the training and the dedication they have is very, very appreciated.”

“I felt very excited and had the desire to share this, to see the show expand. I love that they go around the world.”

“Beyond the mystical aspect, I think we have to reach that point of benevolence with compassion toward others, the absolute divinity that is also what you can see from the dancers, from the entire ensemble, and also the music and it is transmitted to the public.”

“That is the point of compassion, of thinking about one another, from the thoughts, beyond of doing good or not in the action, but of having good thoughts, thinking with benevolence. That is the message and it is necessary to transmit it everywhere, to the world and that really moves me, if I continue speaking I will start to cry.”

“It makes me want to learn more, the [Chinese] language, the delicacy, the refinement they have in all aspects. I believe that cultures have to mix a lot to learn from each other with benevolence, with respect. The culture and the language fascinate me, making me want to learn how to play the erhu. It inspires you, makes you want to learn it, to live it, to be, to incorporate more of that culture.”

“I’ll say [to friends]—come to experience and to open the heart, to open the mind, to open the eyes and to see it from all the places, from the body, from the heart, and from the mind. … But I hope it not ends here, that is what I would like, as an artist we always present something, when it is over every one goes back home—don´t forget, remember all the time and that seems to me that is the most sincere act with oneself and with others.”