Shen Yun ‘Something We Couldn’t Miss’

January 18, 2018

“It’s amazing; it’s beautiful; it’s very unique, very subtle. I love it.”

“We were staying in New York for a few days and I was looking for some shows, and with all the options that we had, I think this one was something we couldn’t miss.”

“It’s amazing. I mean the music, the costumes, all the setting and theatre is really beautiful and nice. I’ve seen so many shows, also in China and Hong Kong and nothing can compare to this.”

“[The spirituality] is something that really amazed me … It really amazed me in a positive way.”

“It was very nice that [they] could mix new technology with ancient culture [use of animated backdrops], and it even keeps the sense that they could mix altogether. It gives you a much higher visual and the performance is amazing. It altogether keeps you inside the scene.”

“It’s a spectacular night. I would recommend it for sure, 100 percent. I’m very happy that I chose this show. It’s something not to be missed.”